Life Coach, Break-up/Divorce Coach & Grief Recovery Specialist
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My story

new_traceyMy Journey into working with individuals, families and children and young people stems from some of my own experiences during my early adult life. I became a parent in my late teens and was impacted by various levels of domestic abuse, and witnessing my partner's drugs and alcohol misuse. Fortunately, I found the courage to end that dysfunctional relationship. But even though I had gotten away from that trauma I was then faced with raising two young children, which was the hardest task I had to face and lead to me often going into depressive low moods. But despite this state of mind my one driving force was to be the greatest example I could be for my children. Therefore I had to change. Once my life was back entirely under my control, I knew I wanted to help others in similar situations.

So, I decided to go back to higher education.  I wanted to develop my knowledge and skills so I could support others. Others who, like me, had faced the challenges of being a teenage parent, struggling in a low-income household, experiencing the affects of drug and alcohol misuse from their partners, while  suffering domestic abuse.  Plus those who had become a single parent and perhaps were still managing/ recovering from a break-up.

I offer a confidential support service with a warm and emphatic approach to allow clients to feel empowered and able to make a shift towards a change with any issues they are facing. 

I would love to help you.  Please get in touch to find out more.  

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