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Grief Recovery Specialist


Due to COVID-19 we are currently offering more online and Telephone support.

What is Grief Recovery Method?


  • Grief Recovery is an alternative treatment to therapy or counselling. 

The Grief Recovery Method is the action program for moving beyond death, divorce and other losses. The Grief Recovery Outreach Program gives participants specific actions to take, so they can recover from loss. Each Outreach Program is guided by a trained Grief Recovery Specialist and runs in either a group, or one-on-one setting, for 7-12 weeks.

Who is it for?

It’s for anyone who has experienced a significant emotional loss and wants to feel better. Types of loss are not limited to death and divorce. Many people join The Outreach Program because of grief over moving on, a change in financial status, loss of trust, or one of the other 40 types of losses a person could experience in his or her lifetime.

I am a registered Advance Grief Recovery Specialist, I became a Grief Recovery Specialist following the tragedy of the June 14th, 2017 Grenfell Fire. where I had been working in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea as a Family Practitioner/CSE Lead. The night of Grenfell fire It just so happened  to be the same night that I had been returning home from my stepfathers ‘Nine Night’. For anyone who is not from Jamaican (Caribbean descent) the ‘Nine Night’ is the gathering of family and friends following a loved one’s death, traditionally the night before the funeral. As the year went on I was again impacted yet another tragedy of loss of the relationship at that time with my partner. It was coming to an end and by the May of 2018 had completely dissolved, So By this time I had decided it was time to make some positive changes and did so by entering the secondment role as a (Grenfell specialist Practitioner) to engage and support bereaved and survivors affected by the tragedy. where the developed team while working with the bereaved and survivors continually researched to source ways that would be the best level of support to the community affected by such a huge scale of grief.


Which is where ‘Grief Recovery Method’ came into my life at a time where I not only needed to have new knowledge and skills professionally to allow her to be able  to support the client I was working with, but It also came at a point in time where I was able to reflected and realised that I also needed to find a way of dealing with my own grief and loss that had been occurred in my own life. So, when I was given the opportunity to take part in the GRM Training which allowed me to become a ‘Certified Grief Recovery Specialist’ November 2018. From that point, I made the decision to continue to support others with their grief and loss by using the Grief Recovery Method.

What Grief Support is available: 

  • GRM-EVP-Evidence_Girlone-to-one Individual sessions
  • One-to-one online video call sessions
  • Helping Children deal with Grief/loss sessions (Parents, carers, Teachers, youth workers & Mentors)
  • Pet Loss sessions

Direct Contact: Advance Grief Recovery Specialist - Tracey Clarke 07931 218 711

I would love to help you.  Please get in touch to find out more.  

N.B: Free Consultation offered. for Please be aware any arranged session may incur a fee no shows or cancellations 24 hours prior to appointment. 

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