Life Coach, Break-up/Divorce Coach & Grief Recovery Specialist
Call me: 020 8106 8859
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Feeling anxious, stressed or depressed? Are facing issues with your relationships or with your children?

I offer a confidential support service with a warm and empathic approach to allow clients to feel empowered and able to make a shift towards a change with any issues they are facing.

Why not get in contact now? I offer a free fifteen minute consultation to find out how we can start working on your concerns.

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Due to COVID-19 we are currently offering more online and Telephone support.

Positive Reflections is a Breakup/ Divorce coaching & Grief Recovery Specialist service, who aims to support you with achieving a more reflective and stable state of mind, by engaging with you to coach you through the traumas of a break-up/divorce to where can see a positive reflection of your life moving forward.

As a Systemic Coach, Parenting Practitioner, Domestic Abuse Advisor and Grief Recovery specialist my aim is to help support you to achieve the most beneficial shifts necessary towards a greater peace of mind to reflect a more positive outlook within your life, whatever the issues are following a breakup/divorce.

 I shared my story as someone who has been impacted by many of the highlighted issues people face in the world and found a way to not only make positive changes in my life, where along my journey I have gained skills and techniques to help others do the same. 


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